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capostrato is an LJ comm dedicated to making fun of that veritable institution Quezon City Science High School and of its students/faculty past and present. It is not affiliated with anything even remotely affiliated with the school, except when it does, and I assure you, we are the first ones horrified about the affiliation.

It contains, among other things, pseudo-intellectual babbling, post modern posturing, anger, masculinity and some bits and pieces of advice for the future generations of individuals who will boldy trek the QCSHS way with hands over hearts and looking towards the sunset.

(Okay, definitely kidding on the last part.)

Direct all comments, suggestions and other such nonsense here. Cash, checks and money orders will be accepted with open wallets.

Note: Do not join the community. Watch it instead. Even if you do join, you won't be able to post jack shit anyway. Be warned, though, that updates are sporadic and sometimes a little too excessive.
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